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JM* Designs

Hi, I’m Jamie a Graphic Designer in Tonbridge Kent. I produce creative solutions for identity and branding and new media in digital and print. and I’m an experienced designer providing a friendly, flexible and professional service to ensure my clients appeal to their target market and communicate their product or service effectively and creatively. I’ll work closely with you on your project and as there are no middlemen, you’ll get exactly what you need. I’m a tireless seeker of knowledge, occasional purveyor of wisdom & also, coincidentally, a designer in Kent. Every project is different so each job is tailored to suit the client and to make the journey from initial ideas to finished articles as quick and smooth as possible. I’m experienced in creating Adverts, Brochures, Catalogues, Exhibition Stands, Flyers, Invitations, PDFs, Packaging, Posters, Logos, Stationery and Web Banners and I’m pretty handy in Photoshop too. I love to create bold and beautiful designs that balance business strategy, user experience, colour psychology, and brand design, telling the story of what you do with personality and authenticity. I think it’s important to align your brand or web design to your values, vision, and ethos, understanding the intricacies of what you do and capturing that through a visual identity that enables you to sell with ease and integrity. An excellent communicator is able to work as part of a team or as the sole designer.

Latest work

doit international

In early 2021, the cloud-based technology service doit international wanted to start again with its brand. A new logo was required, along with a complete brand identity to head the digital environments. I had won the pitch to undertake the rebrand, working in partnership with Colleen Maloney – Head of Content and Communications at DoiT International.

JM Design Current Work

Kent street artist who uses bright colours, bold lines and funny characters to make the world a better place. He names music, bread, pop art, comics and graffiti as major influences. For over 16 years he’s worked doing paint murals Spraymie Graffiti. A street artist whose identity has been known as someone else. Rose to prominence for his provocative stencilled pieces on social media. My goal is to transform bland or vandalised surfaces into murals that uplift and inspire the people, through the use of paint on bricks or abstract shapes of colour sprayed on a doorway. The idea that public art can change a space and help people feel pride in their surroundings is important to me.

My personal Photography

I have always been intrigued by street photography. It was not until I bought my first camera, that I started to shoot people going about their daily routine. These days, so many photographers gear up and hit the streets to capture a daily slice of life