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About Me

First and foremost, I’m a thinker. I think outside the box, inside the box, inspect the material, analyse the creases – all that jazz. Secondly, creativity runs directly through my bones. Good design gives me goosebumps. Colours, patterns, grids, fonts. They’re all magnificent little puzzle pieces just waiting to create absolutely anything you wish! It’s just fascinating.

I am not just an artist. I am not just a graphic designer. I am a visual communicator. I speak the language of colour schemes, call-to-actions, and user experience. One of the things I love about my job is the great tools I get to work with. Here are some of the tools I use in my work. I use Photoshop, Illustrator and In design for my layout and design. Able to handle any given task, multimedia, motion, branding or print, which is demonstrable through an extensive portfolio of projects.

I’m an experienced designer providing a friendly, flexible and professional service to ensure my clients appeal to their target market and communicate their product or service effectively and creatively.

I feel very lucky to say that I absolutely love my job and being able to make other people’s dreams come to life through creativity and collaboration.

I love to create bold and beautiful designs that balance business strategy, user experience, colour psychology and brand design, telling the story of what you do with personality and authenticity.

I think it’s important to align your brand or web design to your values, vision and ethos, understanding the intricacies of what you do and capturing that through a visual identity that enables you to sell with ease and integrity.

HND Graphic Design – Merit B-TEC
National Diploma in Graphic Design – Merit
GNVQ Art & Design – Merit

Skilled in the following applications
Adobe CC
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Indesign
Adobe Illustrator

I’m known as (as per passport to family & friends), Jim-Bob or Huxly (amongst many others that couldn’t possibly be published here). Dark Eyes, Brown Hair, 5ft 9ish (under 14st and trying to keep it there). 

I am a tireless seeker of knowledge, occasional purveyor of wisdom and also, coincidentally, a graphic designer. My school of thought is reliant on schooling my thought – thoroughly, regularly; keeping abreast of design, branding, advertising trends and solutions.

My Design process always starts with a pencil and paper, scribbling ideas and concepts, thinking about the problem and the solution.

What sets me apart from the crowd is an idea that I carry to and from each and every project I work on. Graphic Design isn’t just art. It’s more than aesthetics. It’s communication. It’s artistically, aesthetically and visually communicating an idea.

One of the things I love about my Job is the great tools I get to work with every day, here are some of the tools I use in my work. I use Photoshop, Illustrator and In design for my layout and design.

I try to brand myself, make myself memorable. The CV is seen to be seen by a creative, not an accountant. I try to ‘Wow’ you. I try to be more than a sheet of paper. 
I want a project and I’m so eager to get started.

Jamie Melville

  • Recommendations

    We worked with Jamie at NearForm for his edgy style, creative experience, and provocative ideas. With so many agencies and designers producing the same repetitious styles, we wanted to push ourselves creatively and explore new directions. Jamie brought a new perspective to the table emanating from his years of experience as a designer and drawing heavily from his artistic experimentation in street art. In an age of sameness, Jamie’s work stands out and stands on its own. As a graphic designer, Jamie was also able to adapt quickly to our existing brand, respect its origins and make suggested improvements to evolve it whilst keeping its essence. Jamie is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and do the work that needs to be done, including social media, print media, and collaboration on video. Jamie worked well with the team and brought others into the design process. I would happily work with Jamie again on another project and love the creative enthusiasm he brings.

    I was involved in hiring Jamie for a designer position at Submission Technology. The position offered a varied role across print, digital and exhibition design. Jamie’s friendly enthusiasm meant that any job would be completed confidently and competently, working within guidelines or to an open-ended brief. 
    Jamie took on projects that required both high levels of creativity and technical skills, frequently completing work within tight deadlines, but always bringing a positive attitude and imagination to his work. 
    He is fluent in all the appropriate design software and has shown initiative and willingness to learn new skills to grow as a designer and expand his digital knowledge from print-based media. Jamie was great fun to work with and it a shame that it lasted for only a year but he certainly was an asset to the design team.
    I had the opportunity to work with Jamie on a number of design-based projects in relation to the rebranding and marketing of Maidstone TV Studios. During the course of these projects, I found Jamie to be professional and courteous, who worked hard to produce a high standard of creative work. Jamie was constructive and attentive in development meetings and made significant contributions to the generation, and development, of creative ideas. I found Jamie to have a keen eye and attention to details shown in the designs he produced, whilst retaining an open mind to suggestions from myself and other work colleagues. 
    Jamie is a reliable team member, and would not I would not hesitate to work with him again.
    Jamie is a talented and dedicated designer with a keen eye for detail and always delivers on time. He is friendly, has a great attitude, and is a joy to work with. He is the man. 
    “In the field of graphic design, Jamie has all the bases covered. On the creative side, he learns and understands his client’s needs and then delivers a design that is fresh and well-conceived. He stays abreast of the latest technologies and utilizes them to increase his production capabilities. He shares his experience and knowledge with his co-workers, creating strong staff support around him. Most importantly he builds trust with the client. They know that when they work with Jamie he will get the job done right. Jamie would be an asset to any organization.” 
     “Jamie is an ingenious designer who is constantly striving to be more creative in his designs and more efficient in every task. He is easy to get along with and is clear thinking and quick-witted. I always know things are under control when Jamie is in charge.” 
    “It was a pleasure to work with Jamie. Jamie is easy going and witty. He has an excellent sense of design that matches his communication and organizational skills.  Jamie is always quick to develop and execute project plans efficiently to ensure they follow the client’s vision. Jamie ‘s commitment to quality and perfection is the cornerstone to his success.” 
    “Jamie’s creative design has allowed us to break out of an old stale look. He has taken our core values and incorporated them into the design that gives a professional and pleasing look. He designed our website and many of our brochures. His designs and creative ideas breathed new life into the company. He was there through the creative conception of the delivery. I look forward to the next time I get to work with him!” 
    —  Beverley Harvey PR communications industry
    During my time working with Jamie, I found him always enthusiastic and professional in his role. His knowledge of design was extensive and was always happy to help anyone who needed it. 
    —  Connor Whitehead Digital Marketing

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