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Email marketing

Digital Marketing requires an in-depth understanding of your customer and their needs. I will ensure this research is completed before I form an email marketing strategy that is right for the company. I have seen great success through this marketing method by designing, and the right writing to capture the audience’s attention and encourage a response.

Social Media

I believe that a great social media strategy isn’t about having a presence across all channels or religiously posting content from dawn to dusk. It’s about curating meaningful content in a way that combines style and substance to engage your target audience. To ensure you’re hitting the right notes, across the right channels, I first spend time with you to understand what you’re looking to achieve through social media. Then, I create a bespoke social media plan that is driven by quality content designed to cut through the noise and make sure your voice is heard.


 Selection of various logos and Designs created for a variety of businesses and organisations.

Concept Tasks

As a freelancer bidding for work or even a regular job interview, I always like to mock up a 'taster'. I thoroughly research the company's product, history, message to get a feel for what they're about. Once I have that I give them a taster, an amuse bouche if you like of what I can offer them. I'm always full to the brim with ideas.

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