Don’t judge a designer just by his cv

Don’t judge a designer just by his cv. The name is Jamie, I’m a Kent lad through and through. So I started my career here, at home, some 17 Years ago after gaining my qualifications. I’ve been broadening my experience in that field ever since and also learning new marketing skills along the way. 

You should look at the variety of design jobs I’ve had and not see it as a negative. If anything each and everyone has helped me become a more rounded, and experienced designer. 
Initially, you’ll see my early work was that typical of a junior designer but it wasn’t long before I was given the task of designing banners and merchandise for exhibition and trade shows. Right up to re branding and modernising the face a very popular and well-known TV broadcasting studio. In between those you’ll see I’ve done a variety short contracted roles that have required me to modernise, bring up to date small businesses into the digital spotlight and compete with the big boys of marketing and advertising. 
I suppose my skill set speaks for itself in what you see in front of you. I’m a stickler for detail. I believe that if I can see a glitch in design then EVERYONE can. I’m old school in believing that if a job is done it’s worth doing right. No quick fixes, no short cuts. My eye is keen for second best I don’t settle for that. Not on my watch. 
The key, I believe anyway, to my success certainly is DIVERSITY and adaptability.
I’ve had to learn in this business that I love, that you wear the guise of a caped crusader. You’re employed full time often by a company. You see what they need visually and how to market their brand. You might even just polish what they already have. You set them up with the right social media. THE right web site. You create the right pulse that will attract THE right attention and boom you’re away. 
I’ll tell you now my work is what drives me. I survived cancer as a teen starting my adult life and doing that has made me the man I am today. I work quickly and efficiently. I’ll be perfectly honest with you, that hasn’t always worked in my favour! 
I try to brand myself, make myself memorable. The CV is seen to be seen by a creative, not an accountant. I try to ‘Wow’ you. I try to be more than a sheet of paper. 
I want a project and I’m so eager to get started.

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