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LinkedIn for designers and other creative professionals it’s the most overlooked and probably the most powerful tool you can have in your personal branding/digital marketing toolkit. 

I first joined LinkedIn when I was a designer at KHL Group 10 or so years ago. At the time it was little more than an online phonebook that allowed you to add contacts and your work experience; for a couple of years, I simply treated it as such. 
Whenever I exchanged business cards with someone, the first thing I did was simply transcribe the information to my contacts and send an invite via LinkedIn. Over time though, LinkedIn has evolved to become the professional profile of record for most white collar professionals and became the primary means for me to credential myself to prospective clients and showcase relevant work, experience, and expertise that set me apart from the competition. 
In recent years LinkedIn has incorporated many features that makes it a perfect platform for designers and creative professionals. The ability to add visual polish to your LinkedIn profile and incorporate various types of media formats to showcase your work gives you an unparalleled opportunity to market your skillsets directly to prospective clients. 
It only takes a few minutes and keeps the professional relationship positive, keeps you top of mind, and generates goodwill.
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