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Case Study


A pet portrait a reminder of how special your pet is to you.



The Goal

Hi Jamie, it was great to speak to you today. Thanks for accommodating me on email and with the time difference!
I was recommended to you because you take a classic look and give it a modern edge. Your style is exactly what I am looking for. 
Just to recap, I need a logo/branding for my portraits business that I am starting up. I mainly paint pets but can paint people too. I want it to look fun and interesting, but classic at the same time. Colour is a big focus in my portraits so if you could incorporate that, it would be great. 
Can I please have a logo and a banner. 

• Concept creation 
• Branding
• Banner 
• Mockup

For artist enquiry and commission enquiry

For any other design needs feel free to look around my website.

Jamie is the best graphic designer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He’s hard working, attentive, empathetic, courteous and diligent.

I would consider myself lucky to have him as an employee.

Louise Warren

Building the concept

Having established a close relationships with Lou I had the pleasure of creating versatile design solutions in both print and digital media for her.

I translated an initial concept into a beautiful design, from a new company logo and brand identity to Business cards. 

I’ve worked with some wonderful clients in my time. I strive to ensure that each companies ambitions are recognised through my design and communication.


The Result

Jamie you took a classic look and give it a modern edge. The style is exactly what I was looking for. I love my branding for my portraits business. You have really nailed the Colour as it’s a big focus in my portraits.
Louise Warren