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You are not we are looking for

I have put out over 1000 resumes and hundreds of letters etc… looking for work attempting to establish myself in my career field, or even something closely related where my skill set fits

When I try for anything else on an introductory professional level, like an entry-level management trainee, I am told that my skill set is too specialised! OR, you are not the right fit for the position at this time.

It really doesn’t help that every John and Joe, who picked other fields in college that didn’t work out, suddenly label themselves as designers. Just because they sort of know Photoshop. Suddenly, the job opening with 10 qualified applicants in a geographic area now has 150. Legitimate, college-educated and real designers typically can’t even get interviews nowadays.

Another thing to consider – Web Design is dead. So even Print Designers who felt the need to learn/embrace the web years ago, are finding there are no longer jobs. WordPress themes, ThemeForest and pre-made everything has killed the web design field. Even worse, the term “Web Designer” is now archaic to most employers, and they insist on saying “UI Designer” or “UX Designer”…however, neither of these is Web Design. 

UI Designer is the closest; in that it focuses on the graphics and front-end look of a site…but you’re expected to know a LOT of HTML and CSS nowadays, far more than ever before. Even with that, UI Design jobs are few and far between, because it’s JUST designed. UX Designers are basically front-end Web Developers, and people are expected to know a bunch about CSS, JavaScript, HTML5 and even far-reaching stuff like SEO and Google Analytics. Those jobs are in demand…but that’s NOT design.

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