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Case Study

Fox Print Services LLP

Litho print company.


Fox Print Services LLP

Our Services

  • Brand & Corporate Identity
  • Print & Packaging
  • Marketing & Research
  • Mobile Design

The Goal

Brand design for fox print building from the floor up, my task was simply to modernise the company image. create a brand identity that reflects the company’s personality and appeals to the people you need to connect with. I would be directed by the marketing manager and company directors briefs and would design the preparation of the marketing concepts. design all of the fox areas of the business – this included corporate branding, stationery, marketing materials and websites.


Even in a digital age, print media remains a powerful marketing tool and with my years of experience working in print design and brand design. The print facilities ensured that there were a top service and fantastic quality output that was always delivered to the clients.

I wanted the brand to be punchy bold and making a big statement to clients.


I would also design for the web2print system. This is a marketing and procurement platform that can be used by anyone, any time and anywhere. It’s real-time and unlimited user capabilities enable a speedy, precise, convenient approach for your day-to-day marketing activities. Also, design for corporate exhibition stands to something… much… much more adventurous! I would create award-winning industry exhibition stands, to really steal the conference crowd’s attention.

Working in the creative department offered a wide range of things. I would handle redesigns and entire corporate branding projects or be putting together a Powerpoint template.

For any other design needs feel free to look around my website.

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Building the concept

The client has operated as as a litho print company. Having constantly invested in cutting edge technology we have continued to expand the business. By keeping our clients at the centre of everything we do, we consistently provide the highest level of expertise and service.

Exciting branding didn’t match the personal service they supplied their clients nor the companies business plans for the future. I was drafted in to do what I do best – make their branding work.

Working closely with the client we identified what made them standout from their competition. Using this as a key message to communicate we developed a brand that is fresh, vibrant and packed full of personality. 

Fox Print

The Result

With initial discovery complete, I set to work on developing a key visual direction, and a brand framework which includes typeface, colour palette, logo mark, visual direction and tone of voice. 

I ensured that the designs looked vibrant and the imagery too and making sure the consistent use of the brand colour palette.