• I’m a multi-disciplined, ideas-led graphic designer and graduate of the Kent College of Arts. I work with iconic brands, corporate leaders and start-up enterprises – producing a high standard of graphic design that is driven by bold creative thinking.

    I think graphic design should provoke a reaction, using meaningful and relevant ideas to engage with your audience and leave an impression.

    I am a designer and a thinker. I like to doodle, drool over fonts and pour through design.
    Designing web and print interfaces has to be one of the most challenging and rewarding careers. Requiring constant upgrading of knowledge, meeting demanding deadlines and finding solutions to criticism.

    That’s why I love it. Chances are, you’ll find me either in front of a computer screen, i strive to marry the love of web and graphic design by finding a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics. Part-time music aficionado, lover of all things design, food fiend, and dreamer. .


    • HND Graphic Design – Merit B-TEC
    • National Diploma in Graphic Design
    • Merit GNVQ Art (Merit), Art & Design
    • Skilled in the following Applications:
    • Adobe CC
    • Adobe Acrobat
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe ID
    • Quark Xpress
    • ADOBE Illustrator
    • Coreldraw Premium Suite X5
    • Corelpaint Premium Suite X5
    • Robomaster Cutting Pro
    • Keynote
    • Video Scribe
    • Power Point
    • Microsoft Packages

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LinkedIn for designers

LinkedIn for designers and other creative professionals it’s the most overlooked and probably the most powerful tool you can have in your personal branding/digital marketing toolkit. 

I first joined LinkedIn when I was a designer at KHL Group 10 or so years ago. At the time it was little more than an online phonebook that allowed you to add contacts and your work experience; for a couple of years, I simply treated it as such. 
Whenever I exchanged business cards with someone, the first thing I did was simply transcribe the information to my contacts and send an invite via LinkedIn. Over time though, LinkedIn has evolved to become the professional profile of record for most white collar professionals and became the primary means for me to credential myself to prospective clients and showcase relevant work, experience, and expertise that set me apart from the competition. 
In recent years LinkedIn has incorporated many features that makes it a perfect platform for designers and creative professionals. The ability to add visual polish to your LinkedIn profile and incorporate various types of media formats to showcase your work gives you an unparalleled opportunity to market your skillsets directly to prospective clients. 
It only takes a few minutes and keeps the professional relationship positive, keeps you top of mind, and generates goodwill.
Check out my Linkedin page and follow me.

Social media… The dark side

Social media… The dark side. Does anyone still remember a world without social media?

It is hard to believe that only a little over a decade ago, our way of life was really different from the way it is now.

I am not a huge fan of social media myself, partly because I prefer to live life in the real world, and partly because am naturally a private individual. And yet here I am, using social media to let you hear my opinion on social media. The benefits of social media are very hard to ignore.

The social media of present is of enormous risks for individuals, communities, firms, and even for society as a whole.

Examples to this “dark side” of social media include cyberbullying, addictive use, trolling, online witch hunts, fake news, and privacy abuse, and now today promoting the most horrific violence.

People are on social media because they think it enhances their lives. I used to be on Twitter and I did a persona of a Graffiti artist and looking back it’s a nonsense.

Are people really getting on social media to socialize or are they surveying other people and their posts to see what goes on? Are they venting about their dislike of politics or government entities in the world in general?

The fact is: to be a hyper-connected millennial today is to exist in multiple realities. To be both present within and outside of your own experiences, living them while simultaneously observing them; and assessing their shareability.

People are producing daily content to the point that we’re almost convinced that our feeds are a truer representation of ourselves than who we are in real life. It’s smashed the walls between public and private, edited out the messiness, embraced a self-regarding gaze of constant surveillance.

How many likes will this get?

Am I funny enough?

Does this look too edited?

Or too real?

A man who I have followed for years and who is a true genius sums it perfectly – Black Mirror Charlie Brooker with the episode Nosedive If ever there was a message to show how the world is going is this.

But could we turn these examples on their head and use such social-media activity to foresee horrible real-world events? That might seem unlikely, given that such attacks appear to come from out of the blue, carried out by “lone-wolf” individuals with no criminal record. And with billions of online users, detecting who will act sounds like looking for a needle in a haystack – especially as, prior to any attack, each “needle” may be effectively indistinguishable from any other straw of “hay”.

I think as I type this it’s looking like a bleak time and I hope there is a change and soon. As you read this, there are undoubtedly individuals online who are developing the intent and capability to carry out further violent attacks.


No doubt that social media is changing and will continue to change our society. This change is permanent because the upcoming generation won’t even know a world where social media does not exist. This has its advantages and disadvantages, but like everything else, it’s up to the user to decide whether social media can enhance their lives or not and this all depends on how they decide to use it.




Client Designs

Client Designs

I had recently done a Logo design and had given over as a first draft 6 logo design options with 7 items designed for the brand, for X amount of money ( what I charge a day ).

I am starting to think I should say 50% of payment is due after agreeing to the logo, the other 50% after full work is done. 

I had worked long and hard on X brand for a whole day just to have 0 level payment and a walk away faster than Usain Bolt.

I did everything X stated in the brief “simple, logotype, very simple twist in font, clear and works on all mediums”.

I am finding that my design work is almost being seen as simple and easy and will take no time or money to do. I feel this is devaluing me as a designer.

What do you think? Please leave a comment I would love fee back.



Am I the only Brit who is sick of all this Brexit business?

Bloody Brexit this and bloody Brexit that. It’s getting now so that if I even hear the word “Brexit” my head automatically slips into autopilot and delivers Goldies – Timeless into my brain.

“I’d just like to talk about Brexit for a minute….” 
Dum Dum Dum. Boom Boom Boom!!!
“Negative connotation….,.” 
Dum Dum Dum. Boom Boom Boom!!!
If they start using words like “backstop” It goes straight to the loud and Bass bit where the Drum and Bass got its Doctor Marten’s boots on and is banging it out tremendously.
Look, it doesn’t bloody matter in the long run. 
It’ll just be a dusty reference in a chapter of a textbook that only the bloke or woman at the front trying to teach it to Kylie and Wayne has any real interest in and they’ll forget it immediately they get on the school bus (or quadcopter, or teleport, or hover Board, whatever they’re using rather than walk home).
Reasons to stay are bollocks. Reasons to leave are bollocks. All that’s fact is the vote went to leave. We’re leaving and that’s it. No need to get hysterical about it. Just bloody well get on with quietly packing our suitcases so the shirts don’t crease too much. But no, because every bloody politico from everywhere has now found a grandstand from which to display their amazing lack of talent and form opinions based on abstract thoughts learned in either economics or social sciences degrees.
29th March 2019, to steal a line from Churchill, is not the end, nor even the beginning of the end. It isn’t even the end of the beginning. It is the beginning of a beginning that will cause, over time, untold upheaval to our lives, especially among the poorer and more vulnerable members of society. Churchill also said “when you’re going through Hell, keep going” but forgot to add “unless you have the option to get out of Hell without keeping on going.”


Spraymie YouTube Channel

Did you know Six out of 10 people prefer to watch videos online rather than surfing channels on the small screen? And YouTube is the second-largest search engine next to Google.

So it, of course, makes sense for brands to build their video presence on the platform. The only problem? It’s not always easy to get views on the content that you put so much time and resources into.

This is my SPRAYMIE Youtube playlist, this has some of my favourite design music. It’s great for design, reading, and generally getting crap crossed off my many checklists.

I’ve been working on this list, and it contains music from a wide variety of genres and sources.

At the moment, it’s got about 619 songs for you to choose from.

Tell me what you think and follow me.

devopsmanager Design

Name: devopsmanager company logo project 
David Mills sent me your details (I work at Tonbridge School with him), I have recently finished an update on an app which I am very proud of.
More details about my app can be found here: https://devopsmanager.app
Do you think you could help?
About our company: Manage your Azure DevOps (formally VSTS) projects, including work items, start builds, view git information.. 
What do we need? We need a logo for our company. A simple logo design allows for easy recognition and allows the logo to be versatile & memorable. Good logos feature something unique without being overdrawn. … The principle of design; was Keep It Simple
Why do we need it? We’re looking to quickly grow our App business and need a company logo to get us going. We’ll use it to raise brand awareness and take us forward into the industry. 
Client feedback ( best part ) Wow, just wow. These designs are amazing!! I’m gonna have a very very difficult time picking one. 
I will certainly be contacting you again to work out the other icons along with updated icons for my other (and future apps)
I’m still speechless – just amazing!

I have loved drawing since I was a kid ( mostly to stop getting picked on ). 

I have loved drawing since I was a kid ( mostly to stop getting picked on ). 

Most of my childhood and teenage years I would draw even during Maths. Most people at School would recognize me for it. I would design on paper and walls and did so many things for the love of art. 

My dad was a printer so I absolutely loved flipping through magazines he had printed. I would be fascinated by the composition of the designs, the sheer perfection of their photography, typography and colours, I would find them so beautiful. 
I would draw comic books with my friend Jamie when I was a teenager. When it was time to pick a career, I knew Graphic Design was the perfect combination of art and business, at least in my opinion back then. 
During my design career, I would see the odd thing popping up here and there, about 99designs and other crowdsourced platforms. I didn’t pay much attention, because when you’re at a full-time job, your position is (relatively) secured.
You are part of a team that develops a brand, and as they grow, the expectation is that you’ll be there to help them expand. 
The how should I say slap in the face about the place that the industry was in didn’t come until I started working for myself. Where I had been a valued asset of a team at a company, a freelance graphic designer turned out to be a very challenging episode.
Not only small business owners thought that they could do it all themselves (or their nephew could), this time around, they could actually get work done for a pence. 
Platforms were you can have a logo design for as low as £5. Even more, sites like Fiverr already have people offering the service at this price.
Additionally, the design and development of websites had been massively taken over by DIY platforms such as Squarespace and Wix, that allows anyone to move things around and build something, plenty of times the outcome isn’t good, but it is something nonetheless.
I think the saddest part of it all to me is how hard it is for talented and well-experienced people to leave the corporate sphere and make money off their practice independently right now. The commodification of graphic design is a problem that is way beyond a solution at this point.
There will continue to be agencies and individuals with such a distinctive style that they might still make sizeable amounts of money, but this industry and its opportunities are getting smaller and smaller by the hour.

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