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Case Study

Platinum Hair Style

Hair Salon service is a Organic Care Systems.


Platinum Hair Style

Our Services

  • Brand & Corporate Identity
  • Print & Packaging
  • Marketing & Research
  • Mobile Design

The Goal

Creative Brief 

When creating either an ad campaign for a new brand, designing a logo, or developing a website, you need information in order to produce an effective end product. The specific information you need will vary depending on the type of project.
Background Overview –  Information about the company, service and product. 
What background info is relevant, including previous marketing campaigns? 
What do I need to know about PS product or service for the current project? 
Objectives – Goals needed to be clearly defined because they will affect all other decisions on a project. 
Target Audience – Who is the buyer or intended audience? 
This included the demographic information such as age, gender or income level as well as info on how often they use the client’s product or service. 
Message – What are the key points that need to be said? 
What message needs to be conveyed to the target audience, and what is the best way to deliver it? 
Tone – What is the tone or image that suits the client’s message or brand? 
Are there certain colours or fonts that help communicate this? 
Wanting PS to describe the tone, whether it’s sophisticated, fun, or bold, and for to share colour, brand, or style guidelines. 
Scheduling – Having a timeline is critical for planning any project. 

Jamie and his creative input is excellent and he is never short of ideas for marketing proposals. I am really happy with my final product


The Result

Penelope contacted me in her new venture, her vision combined a specialist knowledge and skills would be shared to provide a deeper brand experience; providing unique customer offering in an increasingly competitive market.