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Case Study

Yours Slenderly

Natural weight-loss pill.


Yours Slenderly

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The Goal

Yours Slenderly, by Mulberry Health. Yours Slenderly is made from organic ingredients, including 100 per cent natural extracts from the rind of ‘wonder fruit’, Garcinia Cambogia.

It is designed to support and enhance the results normally achieved by exercising and eating healthily. In fact, some experts believe that it can increase Fat Burning Potential by up to 400%. During its stringent trials phase, testers of the supplement reported that it appeared to increase energy levels, enabling them to work harder in the gym in addition to suppressing appetite, thereby limiting the temptation to overeat or indulge in the ‘wrong’ types of food.

Jessica Wright, singer, actress and star of ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ (TOWIE) has been using Yours Slenderly, and describes her success:

“I now feel like I’ve got more energy in the gym and visually I can see the difference it has made to my body. Plus I like the fact that because I lead a busy lifestyle, I can simply fit it into my daily routine.

” View our short film at to find out more about Jess Wright’s experience of improved fitness the Yours Slenderly way.

Whether it be website banners, news articles or other forms of literature, he certainly knows how to draw attention to the work which is excellent for advertising reasons.

Chris Bennett

Building the concept

Yours Slenderly

The Result

A 100% natural detox Pill. The Pill brand was required to communicate with a health conscious female audience with Jessica Wright.